Keyfer Mathewson

Get in touch

Say hi at [email protected]

Hi, I'm Keyfer.

We're going to be working with each other, and I want to make sure we're able to communicate with each other effectively.

What I care the most about

  • Having fun
  • Being engaged and challenged
  • Honesty

What you can expect of me

  • I will continue to try to grow and improve.
  • I will give you all the space in the world to do your best work
  • I will give you honest and direct feedback
  • I will call you on your bullshit
  • I will challenge your assumptions
  • I will be vulnerable with you about my own challenges

What I expect of you

  • If I fail, call me on it
  • Be honest about your difficulties and hesitations
  • Support each other
  • Tell me when you need more or less work
  • Try. Honestly, try.


  • In-person/Remote, either are completely fine
  • Be honest first, compassionate second
  • I will forget things, please reach out when I do
  • I tend to solve problems first, provide support second. If you prefer otherwise, please tell me


  • Lying
  • Lack of effort
  • Not assuming positive intent
  • Delaying difficult conversations


  • I’m here to talk about whatever you want
  • I am learning how to delegate at a level that is comfortable for each person, and hope we can figure this out together
  • Sometimes I stay up late to play video games and come in late
  • Sometimes I find it more valuable to isolate myself at home for work than come into the office
  • I recharge my energy bar by going to the gym
  • If I eat poorly, everything suffers